CNB Rendez-Vous

Since first launched in 2009 in Palma de Mallorca, these meetings between yacht owners have become unmissable events among CNB owners.
For three days of the year, three days out of time for the participants, thoughts turn first to the weather, to the next leg and, naturally... to refuelling and the best strategy to be first at the meet-up place for the picnic organised at the mooring, in time for the party held by CNB in a magnificent setting... CNB spares no effort to ensure that event is one of sheer pleasure for the participants. Apparently, they have developed quite a taste for it, since the number of yachts taking part has tripled since the first CNB Rendez-Vous was held.
The CNB Rendez-Vous are organised in partnership with Champagne Thienot - Incidences - North Sails - Raymarine  - Volvo Penta

CNB Rendez-Vous 2016
Bonifacio (Corsica)
CNB Rendez-Vous 2016 - Bonifacio

18 CNB yachts gathered at the port of Bonifacio on 17 June 2016 to attend the annual get-together of CNB owners, the CNB Rendezvous 2016. They were greeted with full honours by the town and port of Bonifacio. Six CNB 76s, eleven Bordeaux 60s and a one-off came to the start line during a gentlemen's rally. The conditions were perfect for enjoyment, with a 15-20 knot wind and glorious sunshine. Participants were able to enjoy a picnic at anchor in the Maddalena archipelago between Corsica and Sardinia, and a night in the Sardinian port of Poltu Quatu, reserved exclusively for the occasion.

CNB Rendez-Vous 2015
Bonifacio (Corsica)
CNB Rendez-Vous 2015 - Bonifacio

The presence of yachts from so many different countries at the 7th CNB Rendez-Vous (Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France…) reminds us that sailing is a passion without borders! A passion that the crews of the 16 Bordeaux 60s, CNB 76s and one-offs present shared in Bonifacio from the 19th to the 21st of last June.

The “playground”: the inimitable charm of Bonifacio and that of a superb Sardinian marina of Poltu Quatu, surrounded by magnificent mountains with colours that change until sunset. Two heavenly sites between which participants sailed for two days during this annual event … clearly, all are looking forward to coming back next year!

CNB Rendez-Vous 2014
Porquerolles (France)
CNB Rendez-Vous 2014 - Porquerolles

During the weekend of 21-22 June 2014, the island of Porquerolles was the scene of the eagerly awaited 6th CNB Rendez-Vous. Bordeaux 60 owners (12 boats), faithful to this tradition, once again answered the call and, in a great first since the inception of the event, Leo and Wink, the first two CNB 76 yachts built completed the eye-catching fleet.
A 10-15 knot breeze was booked for Saturday’s Volvo race and lighter winds for the Raymarine race on the Sunday, with a temperature of 22°C in the morning rising to 27°C in the afternoon. The water temperature was between 23 and 25°C and there was a picnic at anchor on the first day, with an aperitif offered by Champagne Thiénot.

CNB Rendez-Vous 2013
Porquerolles (France)
CNB Rendez-Vous 2013 - Porquerolles

Nineteen Bordeaux 60s and three CNB superyachts met at Porquerolles in June 2013 for the now traditional CNB Rendez-Vous.
Although the winds that weekend proved pretty capricious, the participants still found some magical spots to anchor and enjoyed battling it out in the Raymarine and Volvo Penta friendly races.
Cocktails and a dinner party for all the crews in the superb Perzinski vineyard rounded off the programme, and everyone taking part fell under the island’s spell and are now impatiently awaiting the 2014 Rendez-Vous

CNB Rendez-Vous 2012
Bonifacio (Corsica)
CNB Rendez-Vous 2012 - Bonifacio

Sixteen Bordeaux 60s, practically half the number of this model built by CNB, met up in Bonifacio on 15 June 2012 for the fourth CNB Rendez-Vous.
The skippers and their crews, having numbered only eight last year. were obviously charmed by the festive atmosphere and the exceptional setting, not to mention the support team sent by CNB to deal with any technical problems the owners might encounter, since they decided to come back in force this year.

CNB Rendez-Vous 2011
Bonifacio (Corsica)
CNB Rendez-Vous 2011 - Bonifacio

For the third CNB Rendez-Vous, eight Bordeaux 60s met in June 2011 for a sailing race around the Isle of Beauty. The programme included sublime sailing days, supper on the Lavezzi Islands and cocktails to close the event at the Sperone Gold Club.

CNB Rendez-Vous 2010
Puerto Portals (Palma)
CNB Rendez-Vous 2010 - Palma

In July 2010, the second CNB Rendez-Vous was held at Puerto Portals (Palma). The weekend provided the ideal occasion for the ten Bordeaux 60s taking part to moor in some of the fabulous spots around Cabrera and Puerto Portals, in exceptional weather and sailing conditions.

CNB Rendez-Vous 2009
Puerto Portals (Palma)
CNB Rendez-Vous 2009-Palma

The first ever CNB Rendez-Vous was held in July 2009 at Puerto Portals, Palma, bringing together seven Bordeaux 60s. The weekend was an occasion for part of the fleet of Bordeaux 60s to meet up and for their owners to take part in a little friendly competition.