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July 2011

Great victory for the Bordeaux 60 at the JP Morgan Round the Island Race 07/11

Great victory for the Bordeaux 60 at the JP Morgan Round the Island Race


For the third time in a row, a massive result for the CNB Bordeaux 60 at the 2011 JP Morgan Round the Island Race ! Osprey won the overall race for all boats entered under the ISC rating system this was approx 900 boats. These are divided into 5 divisions approx 150 boats in each and then each division is split into classes determined by rating some there are normally 3 or 4 classes.

Osprey was in division 4 a, in 2009 they won the class, in 2010 they won class and division 4 as well as getting line honours for first ISC boat. In 2011 they won all these again but also they had the best overall time for all ISC boats so won the race outright.
Some exciting words from the skipper, Richard Allen (Ancasta):“We started at 06.40 in approx 20 knots of breeze,grey skies and had a long upwind leg to the needles against the time going out through Hurst we encountered some big waves of 3-4metres and a Couple of times had the boat completely awash with water. We were doing around 8.5 knots upwind with reduced mainsail and the self tacking jib. We were a crew of 12 having recruited some of my friends the day before when we saw the forecast. Once safely around the famous wreck and the needles lighthouse we borne away onto a long broad reach to St Catherines lighthouse with winds around 24 knots we decided not to fly the spinnaker but took out the reef and used a reaching line for the jib our speed was a constant 10-11 knots. We debated flying the spinnaker prior to the rounding of St cats but seeing the carnage of the boats around us including a dragonfly 920 catamaran that had capsizied we stayed as we were.
We rounded the St Cat lighthouse close to the shore to avoid the strong tide but the seas were building and the wind also increased to over 30 knots. We had left our competition behind and had caught up a lot of the race boats (IRC). The seas were no pretty big up to 6 m and we had some great surfing down the waves hitting a top speed of 14.5 knots. This lasted for an hour or so and the boat handled it well.
The forecast was for the wind to drop and it looked this was the case so we got the spinnaker ready and once the wind eased to approx 17 knots we hoisted the big Osprey say spinnaker, immediately our speed increased to 12 knots but so did the wind but with some great crew work we just ploughed on and made good speeds to Bembridge Ledge buoy. We dropped the spinnaker and rounded the mark and prepared our selves for the fast reach to the old navy forts protecting Portsmouth harbour, we choose to go inside the fort and sail up behind Ryder sands again to keep out of the deep water and strong tides. Once round the bank we were back hard on the wind for the beat to the finish off Cowes. We put a reef back in the mainsail as the wind was back up to 25 knots and very gusty close to the island. After a few tacks again to keep in shallow water we raced to the finish and crossed the line to get a cannon for the first ISC boat home at 13.11, a quick rounding of the 65 mile course.
Then it was a question of waiting for all the other boats to finish and see if our time was enough to beat all the others once the handicaps has all been applied. It was, so a great day was turned into a great night…”
Congratulations to the owner, Mr Imregi, and to his brilliant crew !

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