We are pleased to present below a selection of the CNB boatbuilding yard’s output and one-off projects.Grand Bleu Vintage, Only Now, Spiip, Mari Cha II, Chrisco, Don Juan… all names that have aroused their owners’ passions and continue to capture our imaginations.


Our expertise

The construction of CNB yachts is based on the incorporation of all the know-how within our boatbuilding yard located in Bordeaux on an outstanding site.From design to launch, our teams work with a constant concern for a job well done.Whether it is a sailing yacht or a motor-yacht, a one-off or a semi-custom, we adopt only seaworthy, durable and functional solutions.Elegance then results from the sum of a multitude of details.Sometimes imperceptible individually, their amalgamation forms a coherent and harmonious whole.They make CNB yacht builders a unique provenance.


The CNB family

Becoming a CNB yacht owner does not mean joining a club, but a family.Everyone reveals himself a little because the bonds of trust are strong, those that unite sailors.So we gladly welcome owners to Bordeaux, to closely follow the construction of their yacht.And it's no coincidence that CNB yachts and their owners are so numerous in answering the call to the rallies that we hold on the water each year.


Our services

Parce que nous savons que chaque yacht est unique, nous apportons à chaque propriétaire la réponse adéquate à ses attentes. Cet accompagnement personnalisé est notamment fonction de la présence ou non d’un équipage professionnel et du programme de navigation bien entendu.
L’expérience de plus de 30 ans dans le monde des grands yachts nous permet aujourd’hui d’identifier les vrais besoins et de proposer grâce à des équipes dédiées une qualité de service sans pareille partout dans le monde.