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CNB 76 – A new vintage

April 18, 2019

In 2019, the CNB 76 takes on a bowsprit!
Fresh out of our workshops, the hull of #22 CNB 76 is already causing a stir. Her bowsprit,  reminiscent of her little sister’s, the CNB 66, is a new 2019 feature on board a CNB 76. This spar extends her lines and allows this model to enjoy more important sail area, while bringing forward the headsails' centre of effort. This CNB 76 will be sporting a bowsprit to go ahead for her launching and the end of her preparation! Follow this yacht...
If we have already produced CNB 76 #22, it's thanks to the seaworthy qualities of this efficient, safe and comfortable boat. Why not look back on the early days of this yacht with Marc and Ingrid's story, as they embarked on board the first CNB 76 named Léo.. To relive this first sail , click here !