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CNB Rendez-Vous 2019

July 19, 2019

At the beginning of June, the 11th CNB Rendez-Vous took place in the bay of Calvi, in Corsica.
16 CNB yachts gathered for a weekend of navigation in the port of Calvi. Each year, the CNB yacht owners are invited to spend some time at sea with the different shipyard teams. This year, 150 participants took part in the event! This Corsican weekend charmed the owners, who were able to enjoy Corsica's nature from land to sea.
Navigation took place in optimal conditions, between 10 and 20 knots, with lovely sunshine. The navigators could challenge one another in the beautiful bay of Calvi with its citadel in the background. They sailed past the Revellata peninsula in an engaged race, all the while convivial, and were able to enjoy a moment of relaxation at anchor.
Once ashore, the participants gathered for an evening event in the authentic and exclusive atmosphere of the U Nichjaretu restaurant, nested in the maquis between sea and mountain with an unobstructed view of the Big Blue.
This 11ème CNB Rendez-Vous was a special moment of relaxation, conviviality and navigation for the owners' greatest pleasure!
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