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Sailing in cold water aboard the CNB 76 Malaika

June 11, 2020

The owners of the CNB 76 Malaika have sailed and explored many areas off the beaten track. But what are their favorite playgrounds? Cold waters, even icy ones!
Following their expedition to Norway and Svalbard, they set out to discover the west coast of the Canadian province of British Columbia.
A guaranteed change of scenery, with dark blue waters and breathtaking marine fauna. A journey far from civilization, where every day and every nautical mile brought nothing but wonder. 
Observing remote landscapes from their CNB 76 offered a unique experience. Sailing without seeing roads, villages or even other boats in the vicinity gives a great feeling of freedom. Of being in communion with nature. 
This sailing area sees currents that are strong because of the tide, but the wind can be practically non-existent. So it was thanks to the engines of their CNB yacht that the owners of Malaika made most of the trip.
Of their timeless voyage, the owners of this CNB 76 confided:
“What stood out most for us most was the extraordinary wildlife. Every day we encountered whales, orcas, dolphins, seals, bears, eagles, and plenty of other wildlife. We’ve got to say that it’s been our most exhilarating sailing! Although Norway and Svalbard were amazing destinations, the coast of British Columbia is a quiet, breathtakingly beautiful and remote area where nature is clearly in charge.”
Heading up the Canadian coast, the currents are now leading them towards Alaska, a sailing trip that promises to be icy but outstanding!
Photos: © Sabine Senft