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The cold-water sailing continues...

November 27, 2020

Accustomed to the extreme cold, Malaika‘s owners decided to venture into the icy waters of Alaska.
After Svalbard, British Colombia and many other destinations far-removed from turquoise lagoons, Malaika is continuing her northern journey! 
Still aboard the CNB 76, a veritable cocoon of comfort, our owners crisscross the oceans. The CNB 76 is an ideal boat for this type of project. Solidly-built to navigate in all latitudes, she has a protective and comfortable interior despite the low surrounding temperatures.
A trip with nine legs, breathtaking natural landscapes and a calm sea accompanied the owners of Mailaka on this part of their voyage.
And their favorite activity? Discovering, all around them, the beauty of a wild and pure world. 
Guided by their thirst for discovery and their enthusiasm, they observe from their yacht, as from the shoreline, the expanses of forest, the richness of the fauna, the majestic character of the mountains and the ballet of the sea mammals...
In order to share their adventures as sailors with as many people as possible, they have been capturing some of the magical moments that make up this experience:

Photos © Sabine Senft