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An Owner's Story ... #1

December 18, 2020

“For us, a boat has got to be beautiful. It must also be fast.” These were the two main qualities that Karl and Annemarie were looking for in their first boat.
The couple, originally from Germany, had a dream: to live aboard their yacht. Today, their dream has become reality. They have found that rare pearl. For them, without a doubt, their life is now aboard their CNB 66  called Escape!  
It was in 2019 at CNB yacht builders in Bordeaux, that this couple discovered their boat for the first time. Ready for departure, the owners set sail aboard their CNB 66 to start a new life project.The objective was to live aboard a boat, while maintaining the same level of comfort and space they enjoyed in their large city apartment.  “The CNB 66 brings these two ingredients (comfort and space) together. I also like the performance of this boat,” explained Karl. Clearly, this experienced sailor has some big sailing projects!
Initially, Escape stayed in the Canary Islands for 6 months. They visited each of the islands, enjoying the many trails and landscapes that the archipelago has to offer.Then, in November 2019, Karl and two of his friends cast off aboard Escape and took part together in the ARC, the famous transatlantic race that runs from the Canaries to the island of Saint Lucia.
From there, Karl and Annemarie sailed to the Windward Islands. They wanted to pursue their dream of sailing to the Bahamas and then to the United States, but fate decided otherwise. Like many, they were quarantined in Martinique, without being able to continue their passage. Then, in May, they joined the “Salty Dawg Sailing Association”, to reach the US coast.
The island of St Thomas, then Annapolis and on to the Hamptons... They’re exploring the American coastline and all its nooks and crannies, often finding themselves alone on the water, enjoying the warm welcome of the locals. As winter approaches, they have planned their next adventure further south, in the Caribbean.
After this first year of sailing, when they are asked the question: do you still like your boat? They answer in unison, “Absolutely yes. She has everything we need. Nothing is missing. We live comfortably on her, and we did the right thing, choosing a CNB 66”.
If you would like to read more stories about this couple, don't hesitate to visit their blog where they regularly share their adventures.