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Skippering the CNB76 SOL #3

April 16, 2021

Continuing the adventures of the CNB76 SOL! In this episode, Rufus, the skipper of this exceptional sailboat, reveals how a typical day unfolds on board.

What's a typical day like on board the CNB76 SOL? You're about to find out. Rufus invites us behind the scenes of his life as a skipper. “A few days before the owner arrives, my wife and I make sure that every area of the boat is spotless. We make sure the boat is fueled-up so we don't have to do it again after we’ve left port, and Kate buys enough food for the week,” he explains. Once the cruise has begun, the typical day varies depending on whether it's with family or friends of the owners. That said, some tasks remain the same. For example, at the beginning of the day, Rufus checks the weather forecast while Kate prepares breakfast. Then it's usually either a “beach day” or a day of sailing for the boat's occupants. Kate and Rufus also undertake a little maintenance on a regular basis. And as for other activities... Rufus tells us about the fishing, which is very popular on board the CNB76 SOL!