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Skippering the CNB76 SOL #5

May 19, 2021

In this fifth and last installment of our “Skippering the CNB76 SOL” mini-series, Rufus, the yacht’s skipper, talks to us about a vital topic: equipment maintenance.
An exceptional sailboat like the CNB 76 SOL requires a high standard of maintenance to be at her best.
CNB yachts embody sailing technologies and construction prowess that require meticulous maintenance by the crew. Rufus tells us how he goes about this task.
Armed with his maintenance manual, produced by CNB yacht builders, our skipper has a perfect overview of all the checkpoints to be verified. Sailing a CNB 76 requires both daily maintenance (such as polishing the boat or protecting the Tech...), but also monthly or bi-annual checks to be able to sail serenely. Rufus has his own techniques and doesn't hesitate to make his own joblist so as not to forget anything! Everything is done to ensure the smooth running of the boat.
Having a permanent crew on board facilitates technical follow-up of the boat as well as keeping on top of all the maintenance.
You now know about all the crew’s missions on board a CNB yacht builders’ sailboat.
Thank you for following the adventures of Kate and Rufus, this boat’s skipper and crew, to whom we wish “Fair Winds!” as they’re bound for new horizons aboard the CNB 76 SOL.