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Launch of the CNB 88

October 1, 2021

Discover the new model from CNB yacht builders
As the first build completed at Solaris, the CNB 88 slips perfectly into the line of CNB yachts. Philippe Briand and Jean-Marc Piaton's mission was to ensure the continuity of the CNB style, while offering something new. The result is a subtle balance featuring clean lines and ever more exclusive choices of materials.
This new model, designed and built at the Solaris shipyard in Aquileia, Italy, benefits from all the know-how of Solaris both in the structure of the boat and in the woodwork in the interior.
This sailboat’s vocation is to pick up on all the strengths of the CNB 76 while offering greater space for welcoming friends, with 3 guests cabins of equal size, 2 crew cabins and space worthy of an over-90-foot yacht. The design of the saloon gives pride of place to light with its panoramic coachroof, now emblematic of CNB, but also thanks to the area of glazed surfaces overhead and on the aft bulkhead, creating a guaranteed “wow effect”.
But above all, this is a seaworthy boat, as comfortable in the Mediterranean as at the far ends of the world. We’ve chosen simple and proven solutions for ease of use and maintenance.
Performance has obviously not been left aside, with a sail area/displacement ratio superior to that of the CNB 76, promising many happy hours at the helm!
In our eyes, the CNB 88 is the perfect synthesis between the functionality of the CNB 76 and the need for more space, self-sufficiency and luxury.