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2022 Voiles de St Barth Richard Mille

November 2, 2021

CNB would like to promote the forthcoming Voiles de St Barth which will be held from 17 to 23 April 2022, hopefully taking advantage of the presence of many of our boats in the region.


As with the Voiles de St Tropez, this is an opportunity to meet and challenge each other in an unofficial CNB class. Or even an official one if there are enough of us.
Launched for the first time in 2010, this regatta has become a must-attend event in the Caribbean, bringing together owners from around the world every year. The opportunity to meet and share good times in an exceptional setting.
Each year this event is becoming more environmentally friendly, ethical and responsible, with the aim of preserving this region that is particularly impacted by phenomena related to global warming. The program for the Voiles de St Barth Richard Mille week includes not only racing, but also training and activities to help preserve the environment.
Would you like to take part? Please get in touch at cnb@cnb.fr. Our team will take care of the registration process (you will be responsible for the fees, though).
We hope to see lots of you there!

The CNB yacht builders team