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Skippering the CNB76 SOL #2

March 19, 2021

In this second episode of the mini-series “Skippering the CNB76 SOL”, we meet Rufus, who captains the CNB76 sailboat named SOL. He tells us more about the special relationship that develops between the skipper and the owner of the boat during a voyage.

What role do you play? “I’m employed for my experience and expertise in sailing. When the owner expresses a concern about the weather, a maneuver or anything else, I assess the situation and take any action necessary. Otherwise, the owner helms his boat, having fun, and I'm there to facilitate that,” Rufus explains.  He also reveals more about maintaining safety on board. “Usually, the very first time the owner and his children come aboard, we take the time to discuss on-board safety in the first few hours under way. And finally, the SOL skipper takes us on a tour of one of the boat's most important areas: the engine room! “One of my favorite areas on board the boat is the engine room. This room is very spacious for the size of the boat. It's not really a chore to come down here, because it’s big enough to do all the maintenance and there's plenty of storage space,” he tells us. Dive into the special day-to-day life of a skipper aboard the CNB76 SOL!