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Malaika, a CNB 76 in the Svalbard Archipelago

January 11, 2018

In the summer 2017, the owners of the CNB 76, Malaika, started an extraordinary adventure: sailing into the frozen seas of Spitzbergen!

This Norwegian archipelago is composed by several natural parks, which offer a nature of breathtaking beauty.
Sailing in these conditions is quite unusual, so the CNB 76 was equipped with an extra bow protector and an additional heater to be ready to discover this hostile environment, in the best conditions.
The couple of owners loves travelling and sailing. They collect anchorages from Caribbean to Mediterranean Sea. For this adventure, they wanted to go off the beaten track and to discover a completely different environment, demonstrating the adaptability of the CNB yachts.
More travels are expected for Malaika and her crew, indeed after a winter in the Mediterranean Sea, they will set sail next summer toward Sweden!
Discover in video this frozen adventure on board their CNB 76: