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Throwback to the 2021 CNB RENDEZ-VOUS

October 28, 2021

The 12th edition of the CNB Rendez-Vous was held From September 17 to 19, 2021 at Saint-Florent in Corsica. After an unprecedented health crisis, the CNB team was delighted to be able to organize this now unmissable event.
Five CNB 76’s, three Bordeaux 60’s, one CNB 66 and a CNB 77 came together to enjoy this weekend of sailing and sharing. The fleet was certainly reduced in size compared to previous years because borders remained closed to visitors from certain countries, but this didn’t prevent the participants who were able to make it from having a wonderful time in the marvelous golf of St Florent.
The principle remained unchanged, a subtle balance of conviviality and sportsmanship.
The CNB team was there in full strength, notably with Olivier and Coralie from the after-sales team, but also Philippe Briand and Jean-Marc Piaton joined to celebrate this reunion.
The welcome event for all participants and partners of the Rendez-Vous took place on the Friday evening on the Esplanade of the Citadel of Saint-Florent where cocktails were enjoyed.
On the Saturday morning, the boats set out in light airs for the first North Sails race that followed the much-watched spectacle of fire-fighting aircraft on a training session. In the middle of the day, lunch at anchor allowed the crews to swim and enjoy a glass of Thiénot champagne. The second Incidence race followed in the afternoon.
In the evening, the crews all met for dinner at the water's edge in a typical Corsican auberge. The evening was also attended by the Solaris management team who came to meet the owners and discover the CNB family spirit and express their desire to maintain the CNB identity.
On the Sunday, for the Yacht Solutions race, conditions were very sporty with winds gusting to 35 knots. At the head of the race, three CNB 76’s were neck and neck, and they really went for it on the last leg!
After a somewhat boisterous return to port, the cocktail party in the evening allowed everyone to enjoy themselves at the weekend’s closing event.
Païkea and Nina won the Bordeaux 60 category, Umaren, the only CNB 66 representative, was unsurprisingly first in her category but also put in a creditable performance, with J-Six having to put up quite a fight to win the CNB 76 category.
This 12th edition of the CNB Rendez-Vous saw some great times there much appreciated by everyone who attended!
See you next year in June!