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Our partners

Champagne Thiénot

Champagne Thiénot is the official CNB Yachts Champagne. The Champagne House belonging to the eponymous Groupe Thiénot Bordeaux-Champagne, partners CNB Yachts at the various boat shows and events which CNB Yachts is involved in (Paris Boat Show, the Festival International de la Plaisance in Cannes, etc.) as well as for the CNB Yachts Rendezvous.

As Stanislas Thiénot explained: “This is totally natural and fitting partnership, linking two brands that share the same values of excellence and expertise.”

Jean-Louis Chaput added: “CNB Yachts was looking for a family business partner that shares our philosophy regarding quality and beauty. Given the Thiénot family’s passion for sailing and the sea, this seemed a natural choice.”

Yacht Solutions

Yacht Solutions is our partner for the equipment and outfitting of new CNB yachts. At www.yachtsolutions.fr, they offer all the equipment needed onboard a new CNB: linens, tableware, tools, spare parts, safety equipment and much more. Their showroom is just a few steps away from the yard.
They are with us at boat shows and our sailing events.

Marc Renwick says:
“Our goal is that on the day you arrive in Bordeaux, your brand new CNB is fitted with all the equipment that you ordered. Yacht Solutions’ team has decorated the boat to your taste, made the beds and filled the bilges with fine wines. Your crew can focus on the handover, and you and your family can just enjoy your new yacht. This is how we think all deliveries should be handled.”

Vincent Arnaud says:
“Anticipation is a key factor in the launching of a boat and that’s why most new CNB owners choose Yacht Solutions for the preparation of their boat. Their proximity to the yard and their experience in the preparation of new CNBs make them a real asset for the success of your project.”