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The CNB family

The sea is the last free place on earth and it goes without saying that it is up to each owner to invent the life that goes with his CNB yacht.But the slogan is deceptively simplistic.The experience gained during thirty years of operations with a constantly evolving customer base has led us to devise and construct an entire environment that is conducive to maintaining contact and facilitating dialogue.Whatever your project, our goal is that CNB remains a natural, receptive and qualified partner.No matter where in the world you may be, our technical support is always there to answer your questions and find solutions so that your adventure continues under the most favourable conditions.Closer to us, there are many opportunities to meet up and sail together, the best way to exchange our points of view.The CNB Rendez-Vous and the CNB Day Sail are the best expression of this, not forgetting the special welcome that we offer you at the boat shows, at the boatbuilding yard in Bordeaux and soon through a dedicated area on this website.
We now invite you to discover the CNB Rendez-Vous, the CNB Day Sail, and LINK magazine.