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CNB Day Sail 2018

Saint-Tropez (France)
In 2018, the Voiles de Saint Tropez had their 20th edition. This legendary reunion unites classical sailing ships and modern boats, offering a stunning show for those who come to the event. Since 2014, CNB yacht builders’ team organises a regatta dedicated to CNB yacht owners. This year, three Bordeaux 60, a CNB 66, a CNB 76 and a CNB 77 (one-off) joined for this friendly race.
4th October 2018 was a day with two types of weather: it was calm in the morning and windy in the afternoon, but both enjoyed the beautiful Mediterranean sun. Ideal weather to unite contestants in the Baie des Canebiers for a sporty and fun course!  
Read about the CNB Day Sail:  
Before the start, everyone enjoyed the day in their own way: swimming, preparations, tactical discussions around coffee… The CNB yachts were moored, but Nina the Bordeaux 60 drew circles in the bay. It seemed she had got rid of her mooring to gain in lightness. The crew appeared determined not to finish at the back of the fleet!  
After lunch, the breeze came in from the open seas, gentle at first and growing more and more intense. When they joined the start line, the wind had reached 15-18 knots. Contestants observed one another, trying to guess the techniques and tactics of the others.
The VHF announced the start of the CNB yacht builders’ fleet and they were off on an upwind tack until the Rabiou beacon with wind established at 20 knots. Then, each had their technique: some tacked along the coast to limit wave effects, others chose to head to the open seas to avoid too much tacking.
Whatever their choices, the boats seemed extremely comfortable on the water. Much fun was had during the entire regatta! We witnessed interesting crossings where Bélé gave way to Mamy Wata who arrived starboard tack.
After the Moutte beacon, the angle opened and the CNB yachts finished sailing full and by up to the upwind buoy. The show was exhilarating since the fleet was grouped together. With an easterly wind of 23 knots, many crews were hesitant about sending the spinnaker. Only Nina, our audacious Bordeaux 60, dared to. Off she went ahead of all the others!
Going down to the finish line was agreeable and more relaxing than the upwind tack. All the CNB yachts met up at the finish line in a friendly atmosphere.  
To end the day, the CNB yacht builders' team invited the crews to a convivial evening with cocktails on the roof top of the Hôtel de Paris. Between two songs from the orchestra, Vincent Arnaud took the microphone to go over the day and announce the rankings of this great regatta:
For the under 70 feet:
1st: Nina, a Bordeaux 60
2nd: Mamy Wata, a CNB 66
3rd: Criollos, a Bordeaux 60 
4th: Tupaï, a Bordeaux 60
For the over 70 feet:
1st: Bélé, a CNB 76
2nd: Aloha, a CNB 77
Once again this year, the CNB Day Sail was a clever combination of fun and sportsmanship, a family regatta which the CNB yacht builders' team hopes to renew next year.
Photos : Yves Mermet