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CNB Rendez-Vous 2017

Bonifacio (Corse)

This rendez-vous, very expected by the owners, celebrates refined and conviviality. This year, 12 yachts enjoyed a weekend at Bonifacio on the “island of beauty”. Five Bordeaux 60s, five CNB 76s and two one-offs met on June 17 and 18 for the 9th edition of the CNB Rendez-vous. This weekend gives a chance to the owners and the CNB yacht builders’ representatives to gather and praise the pleasure of sailing. Today, it is an unmissable event. 
This year again, Corsica offers idyllic landscapes and beautiful conditions of wind and sea. The participants get them a wonderful anchorage at Cala di zeri on the Cavallo Island, before to unfurl their sails to rally the Sperone gulf. The atmosphere of the weekend was about relaxing and sharing. 
On the Santa-Manza’s beach, the participants gathered around a cocktail and a dinner, well deserved, to recover from the emotions of the day. On Sunday, the twenty knots of wind delighted our sailors. The conditions were perfect to try their ability and dexterity. A pleasant ceremony closed the weekend and rewarded elegance and prowess of the crews present at this exceptional rendez-vous! 
To enhance this weekend, we could count on our partner, the Champagne Thienot House; North Sails and Incidence, our sails partners, who gave a hand to the owners, just as Volvo, who was an unfailing support in the absence of wind.