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Passion, mastery, commitment

In 1989, when Mari-Cha II’s elegant black and gold hull entered the silt-laden waters of the Garonne, Dieter Gust and Olivier Lafourcade won their wager.Two years earlier, naval architect Germán Frers entrusted these two passionate sailors with bringing the 92’ yacht into the world on the site of the former Ateliers et Chantiers du Sud-Ouest.Impeccable fabrication, systems mastered, high-end cabinetmaking ... the foundations of Construction Navale Bordeaux were laid.For 30 years, the boatbuilding yard has not ceased to expand, while not forgetting its fundamentals:modern elegance, quality, seaworthiness.
Benefiting from an exceptional site with50,000 m² of covered space and 300 metres of deep-water wharf, CNB has, in particular, furnished itself with an integrated design office with more than 60 staff and won the loyalty of ultra-competent production teams (68 trades) to meet every challenge:the launch of CNB pro in 1997 to meet the specific requirements in respect of working vessels, the move to composite and the mastering of infusion on large structures in the same year, the creation of a unique method of semi-custom yacht production from 2008.
In over 30 years, more than 100 vessels have been launched in Bordeaux and are bringing the CNB yacht builders brand to notice on all the world’s oceans.Some names, such as Hamilton II, Grand Bleu Vintage and Chrisco, have become symbols of elegance in the demanding world of superyachts and have earned CNB numerous awards.But our greatest pride lies in having been able to build an enduring relationship with the owners of our yachts, based on trust and bespoke support.

The Semi-custom line

Maintaining the standards and creativity of the superyachts in which CNB is expert, while rationalising their construction, that is the unifying thread of the Semi-custom line designed by Philippe Briand in respect of the naval architecture and Jean-Marc Piaton/Rafael Bonet for the interior design.A considerable investment in design studies and production methods guarantees the timing and costs, while enabling customisation.

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