CNB 43.2 MY

  • 43.00 m / 141'08
  • 8.20 m / 26'90
  • 1.87 m / 6'14
  • 28 knots / 28 nœuds
  • 18 knots / 18 nœuds
  • Wetzels Brown Partners


43 metres long, two decks, a flying-bridge, two Jacuzzis…Like many motor yachts, the CNB 43.2 could have been an outrageously superlative boat.We embarked upon this new project with a radically different approach.With a nod to history, Germán Frers, with whom we began collaborating in 1987 with Mari-Cha II, was the project’s naval architect.The design brief for the 43.2 was both simple and frankly unusual:to use all the performance culture acquired on our sailing yachts to create a low-key and environmentally friendly motor yacht.For us, this is the right formula for a motor boat:reduce consumption (or increase range), without in any way surrendering comfort, and with a very satisfactory average speed.The hull of the CNB 43.2 was therefore extensively tested in the Southampton towing tank to reduce drag and resistance.The attention devoted to her lines, displacement and the centring of mass improves her performance at sea.As for the numbers, they speak for themselves:a top speed of 18 knots, but a range of 3200 miles at an average of 12 knots, making this Gentleman’s Motor Yacht a transatlantic vessel.
Built of aluminium with composite superstructures, techniques of which we are past masters, the CNB 43.2 draws upon our experience of building some 60 large motor vessels with power output of up to 1500 horsepower.

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