Grand Bleu II

  • 7
  • 1992
  • Philippe Briand
  • CNB
  • Aluminium
  • 23.00 m / 75’76
  • 6.04 m / 19’10’’
  • 2.50 m / 8’2’’
  • 42 t / 92,610 lbs
  • 14.6 t / 32,193 lbs
  • Cutter
  • 255 m² / 2,744 sq.ft
  • Bama, Ninon, GranBleu III, Narval II, Cap, Sunday Morning, Lilla, XTC.



Her sister ships are named Lilla, Ninon, Narval II and Sunday Morning…Considered on its own, this design by Philippe Briand of La Rochelle is a little epic!The seventh hull launched in Bordeaux in 1992, Grand Bleu II is actually the third 76-footer built by CNB to the same design.She is an iconic sailing yacht in the boatbuilding yard’s history.Not that she was the first collaboration with Philippe Briand - he had already designed the personal yacht of co-founder Dieter Gust in the early 1980s - but this was the first time that we had exhibited one of our yachts at Cannes.With much critical acclaim from the very international visitor base into the bargain and, as a bonus, the visit of one Eric Tabarly, always curious about large yachts and French know-how.
Grand Bleu II was innovative, with her first-generation panoramic coachroof, through which, standing in the saloon, one can view the sea through 270°.Once seated, it is the large portholes that enable one to observe the horizon. Thus the boat’s entire beam is used – 6 metres in fact, impossible to guess from the outside!Grand Bleu II is an elegant yacht but exceptionally spacious for her size.The extensive volumes are maximised in a generous hull, free of any rating rule constraints or reference to cruiser-racing, with as a bonus a 5-cabin version, highly prized in the charter market.The very fluent but protective deck plan, extended by a large bathing platform, confirms, if necessary, that Grand Bleu II is a yacht on board which life is pleasant.