Hamilton II

  • 48
  • 2005
  • Philippe Briand
  • Andrew Winch
  • Composite carbone balsa / vinylester
  • 35.12 m / 117'
  • 7.94 m / 26'
  • 3.50/5.00 m - 11'/17'
  • 116 t / 255,736 lbs
  • 30 t / 68,138 lbs
  • Sloop
  • 571 m² / 6,144 sq. ft
  • MTU 430 hp

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Hamilton II remains the largest yacht built to date by CNB.In 2005, her 35-metre hull and deck were the largest ever structures in the world vacuum-infused in carbon/vinylester!
Commissioned by Prince and Princess Aga Khan, Hamilton II is an exceptional yacht in every respect.Designed by Philippe Briand to be able to voyage around the world in outstanding comfort, she was supervised on behalf of her owners by Georges Nicholson, a leading figure in the English-speaking nautical world.Her 30 tonnes of ballast are entirely contained in the steel and lead keel, which slides within a carbon trunk.Locked by jacks when under way, it permits the draught to be limited to 3.50 m in the raised position, enabling access to the most beautiful anchorages.Ideally clustered in two modules forward of the wheels, the power-assisted winches are never a hindrance on the exceptionally spacious 8-metre wide deck.While the arched coachroof with mirrored glazing is elegantly incorporated into her lines, the interior design conceals an impressive volume, designed with brio and originality by Andrew Winch.The furnishings are made of bamboo, the headlinings of leather, all set off by polished stainless steel.The three guest cabins, like the owner’s suite, enjoy considerable sophistication in terms of the lighting, air conditioning and entertainment systems.Particular attention was paid to noise reduction on board, whether from the engines or the world outside.The result is calm sailing on an outstanding yacht, which has received numerous awards in her category.