• Berret-Racoupeau Yacht design
  • 45.70 m
  • 16.50 m
  • 3.20 m
  • 530 m²
  • 540 m²
  • 1070 m²
  • 490 HP
  • 7500 L
  • 18000 L


Designed by Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design, this large catamaran makes new strides in the approach to multihull cruising.With her 45 metres of hull, driven by more than 1000 m² of sail backed by 1000 engine horsepower (2 x 490 hp), she is a true ship, safe and seaworthy, capable of crossing oceans at high average speeds in a high degree of comfort and entirely self-sufficient.
But with a draught of only 3.20 m for her size, she promises access to many anchorages that are unavailable to monohulls of similar size and volume.In this exercise, Inno(vent) excels!She opens up new prospects and reinvents the interior/exterior relationship.Entire sections of the side of the hull are transformed into balconies and terraces to open up the cabins and provide direct access to the sea.This is especially the case forward, entirely dedicated to the owner, whose cabin extends into private spaces - gym and spa pool.
The main deck is the communal space on board.Its combined indoor/outdoor saloon opens or closes instantly to provide new traffic flows according to requirements and the time of day.As for the lower deck, on the port side it is devoted to the 10-person crew and on the starboard side to guests.
Between the two protective hulls, Inno(vent) operates like a private harbour.The hydraulic terrace facilitates the launching and departure of tenders, kiteboards and paddleboards … or simply relaxing with your feet in the water.