Victoria T

  • 15
  • 1994
  • Bruce Farr
  • CNB
  • Aluminium
  • 31.60 m / 106'
  • 6.80 m / 22'4''
  • 3.60 m / 11'10''
  • 90 t / 198,631 lbs
  • Cutter
  • 460 m² / 4,950 sq.ft


Hull number 15 out of the boatbuilding yard was designed by Bruce Farr.In 1994, Victoria T was also the largest yacht launched by CNB.It took us only 13 months to build her from start to finish.Victoria T is from a distinguished family and yet she is a yacht that innovates in many ways.On the aft deck, the two cockpits are on the same level, connected by a central walkway, very practical both under way and at anchor.Forward, the owner, who was taking the helm of his third CNB yacht, wanted a Jacuzzi fed with heated seawater for his guests.We gave this hollow space a dual function, as it was designed to serve as a cradle for the tender when under way.Stored here, it disappears in the deck line when seen in profile.Nor is Victoria T to be outdone in terms of her interior.She has 6 guest cabins, a record for a 100-footer, without this number detracting from the communal areas.Installed aft, the galley is connected to the cockpit by a lift.While the guests are very well protected aft, all the controls are brought to the central cockpit, which includes the wheels and all the winches that enable control of the 460 m² sailplan.
Victoria T has sailed all over the world, with remarkable reliability and at a sustained pace, from the Mediterranean to the China Sea by way of New Zealand and the Caribbean.Most definitely an elegant and seaworthy yacht!