Philippe Briand, naval architect
"Our ambition was to push the boundaries, to go even further to create a yacht that is happy to steer for distant horizons and can be handled by a small crew despite its 94 feet."

CNB 94

  • Philippe Briand
  • Jean-Marc Piaton and Rafael Bonet
  • 30,48 m / 100'
  • 6,75 m / 22'14
  • 1 500 l / 396 gal
  • 3 500 l / 925 gal


The very latest and largest yacht in our Semi-custom line pushes the boundaries and benefits from all of our experience acquired on the One-offs.Her very attractive lines are distinguished by a sleek deckline that brings the entire design to life and blends perfectly with a taperingcoachroof with vertical sides.In addition to the panoramic windows, there is a glass light “trough” that provides the saloon with exceptional levels of natural light.On deck, the CNB 94 is sleek in appearance, in particular through maximum integration of equipment and fittings and affords great ease of movement from the aft deck to the bow.
Built like the other Semi-customs, using built-in modules, she nevertheless offers very considerable scope for customisation and can prove to be each owner’s unique version.Internally, she provides the volume of a 110-footer, perfectly utilised with an owner’s suite, four guest cabins and two others for the crew, which can accommodate a cook to complement the skipper, sailor and hostess.
The CNB 94 remains capable of being handled by a small crew, because Philippe Briand ensured the retention of rational proportions and specifications.For enthusiasts of uncompromising performance, this boat in a class of its own is also offered in aversion that is all-carbon from hull to masthead.CNB is thus offering much more than a Semi-custom, a yacht designed to accommodate the choices and desires of each of its owners.